About BigWave...

We Are on a Mission

A primary goal for all businesses is to produce more output with consistent levels of staffing all the while maintaining great customer service.  At BigWave Software, for over 15 years, we are committed to providing a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that elevates nationally focused, service-based enterprises.

Scaling Your Business...

Does your business scale when national demand suddenly spikes for your on-site technical personnel? 

Working With Your Staff

Are you able to grow your business while keeping a consistent level of operations personnel?

Deliverables From You

Do you excel at customer service providing transparency and seamless access to what customers care about the most…deliverables?

Every day, we concentrate on making BigWave Software fulfill the needs of all nationally focused, service-based companies. We build feature sets and flexibility that enables companies to do just that. Companies that use BigWave to track daily services operations are able to schedule more visits with the same personnel, and BigWave creates efficiencies that enables your team to provide superior customer service.

What Our Customers Say...

BigWave is an advantage...

We managed the Major Deployment of several Major computer systems roll outs across the country with this platform managing hundreds of installers and dozens of project managers all being completed on time and at budget.

Scott Blankenship

Easy to Understand and Navigate!

Clean, sleek, very bright and crisp! The site is very easy to read and very easy to navigate. When I click on "Expenses", it shows me expenses in chronological order and shows me what has been paid. From the Dashboard, I can sort by date, sort by provider/merchant, sort by cost....filtering is simple! I like it when I click on a tab and the information I am looking for is presented in a very understandable way.

Nick Connelly

I don't work without it!

I use Big Wave to keep track real time on hundreds and hundreds of work orders. There is no point during the day that I DON'T have Big Wave on one of my monitors.

Mike Stansfield

Meet Our Founder

John Livermore

Founder and CEO

John possesses a diverse background spanning from expertise in IT business consulting to leading multiple startup ventures. Over the past twenty-five years, John has gained vast experience in writing software systems and bringing those software products to market.

In 2005, BigWave Software became the culmination of those experiences. As an engineer and builder at heart, John is completely focused on creating the best, user-friendly, value-priced business and asset management software available.