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My Profile

The My Profile section offers features to help you manage your personal details. Use this area to modify your personal details, change your password, and modify your out of office status.

Details Tab

Details tab is selected, and you can see a read-only display of your personal details.

Click the Edit button to edit your personal details. Alternatively, you can double-click in the area surrounded by the orange square below to invoke the Edit function as well.

Address Tab

No address has been entered yet. As an internal person, entering your address can be useful if you would be someone assigned to a work order similar to a technician. This helps someone assigning a work order to you to understand how far away you are from the location being assigned.

Because no address is entered, the Time Zone defaults to the company time zone. In this case, it’s Central Standard Time. Once you enter an address, the time zone is updated appropriately. Alternatively, you can explicitly set your time zone by clicking the Change button on this line.

Once you enter an address, it will be geocoded and the Lat/Long fields are populated.

Once you enter an address, it will be geocoded and the Geocode Information is populated.

In the screen above, we have entered an address, and you can see the Time Zone, Lat/Long, and Geocode Information fields have updated accordingly.

Settings Tab

Your opening view is the view that opens when you first login to BigWave. Currently it’s set to Manage – Projects (the default setting for all internal users). Change your opening view to any available topic on your home page. For example, you can change it to Global Status/Tags if desired.

BigWave integrates with your Google calendar. This way you can see all assigned work orders in BigWave directly from the Google calendar app on your phone.

Login Tab

Under the Login tab, you can view information about your login.

Your assigned security role can only be changed by an Admin User in the Settings area, but you can at least see it here.

Your admin user status can only be changed by an Admin User in the Settings area, but you can at least see it here.

Change your password by clicking this button.

Departments Tab

In this section, you can view the departments you are assigned to. Only admins can modify your department settings, so if you need a change here, please contact your BigWave administrator.

Out of Office Tab

If you are a person who gets assigned to activities in Work Orders, filling out this section will help those who maintain the schedule to know you are unavailable when you are away. When making an out of office entry, you are required to choose a category. Out of Office categories and assigned colors are created in the Setup area of BigWave (only accessible to admin users).

Billing Rates Tab

Only visible to admin users, billing rates help determine profitability for work orders to which you are assigned. This area is primarily used for Technician resources, but internal users can set their billing rates as well if that is desired.

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