Elevate your game with

BigWave Field Service Software

Streamline national service centers/help desks, 

manage assets, eliminate meetings, and deliver reliably with less.

What is BigWave?

BigWave expertly tracks maintenance services for deployed fixed assets 
enabling companies to deliver superior customer service.

Combining asset management, field service management, project management and CRM features, BigWave molds itself to your processes. With the ability to work for multiple customers, our responsive, web-based system tracks, schedules and invoices saving you time and money. 

If you manage the ever-changing field service needs of a diverse customer base, BigWave is for you.

Watch to see how it works...


BigWave's portal provides information at the fingertips of 

your operations, external partners, and customers 

of daily activity and deliverables.

Manage Assets

Define and track all assets in the field. View the complete history of all your assets over time.  Auto-schedule maintenance work for your assets.

Manage Projects

Break each customer initiative into projects to enable custom definition of delivery processes, custom fields, alerts, status, and more. Customers view up-to-date project status.

Schedule and Assign

BigWave’s field service management software allows for multiple activities and assignments for each work order. Manage technicians with centralized alerting of events as they occur.

Invoice and Quote

Remove the burden of pricing and invoice accuracy from your employees. BigWave understands your costs and markup methodology and generates any invoice format.  


Expertly manage deliverables for each site visit.  Understand which sites have missing deliverables.  Control deliverable sign off.  Customers view deliverables as they are approved.


Leverage 3rd party technicians from the WorkMarket marketplace directly from BigWave.  Integrate to your accounting or other internal systems with our web-based API.

Your in good company!

No matter the task, BigWave is trusted to handle the

deployment and servicing of fixed location assets

for large and small companies alike.

BigWave catalogs and tracks maintenance to each light pole in Walmart parking lots as well as roofing transformer units.

BigWave’s rollout and technician management features track the installation of new point-of-sale registers in each North American store. Post rollout, BigWave’s asset service management features track and service each point-of-sale register in each location.

BigWave catalogs and tracks maintenance of special cabinet fixture installations inside various stores.