Demo and Training Videos

Bigwave Introduction 1:

 Basic Usage

Bigwave Introduction 2:

 Quick search

Bigwave Introduction 3:


Bigwave Introduction 4:

 Date controls

Company Contacts: Creating and updating

Basic Importing concepts

Create projects

work Order Templates

Work Market Integration (WMI)


Creating a Work   Market assignment


Tracking Status


Viewing Assignments


Synchronizing comments between workmarket and bigwave


Synchronizing Documents Between Workmarket And Bigwave


Synchronizing Custom Field Values Between Workmarket And Bigwave


Delete/ Void Assignments from bigwave

WMI Setup: Overview

WMI Setup:

API keys and required custom fields

WMI Setup: Global support Contact Setup

WMI Setup: project setup

WMI Setup: conclusion

Creating Projects: Overview

Creating Projects: scenarios

Creating Projects: Creating Customer and Import sites

Creating Projects: creating project and work orders

Creating Projects: Initializing project schedule via import

Creating Projects: uploading project assignments

Creating Projects: importing custom field values

Creating Projects: importing new sites into an existing project

Creating Projects: Conclusion