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Streamline Your Invoicing with BigWave

Invoicing is a crucial aspect of any business, and delays in sending out invoices can lead to cash flow issues. With BigWave, you can say goodbye to manual invoicing processes and embrace a streamlined and efficient invoicing system. Let’s explore the invoicing features that make BigWave the perfect solution for

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Auto-Scheduling and Maintenance

BigWave has the ability to auto-schedule maintenance for each asset under management. Auto-scheduling is set up from a project and the schedule will generate work orders inside that project. The auto-scheduling logic relies on a manually input date for the first scheduled maintenance, and thereafter BigWave will use that date

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The new Dark Mode theme

Today, we released support for dark mode to BigWave. Many are familiar, but dark mode is a theme style that reduces glare by making backgrounds darker centric vs lighter centric. You might already do this with your phone or computer. BigWave doesn’t adjust to your OS preference automatically (and there

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Interact with your Partners in BigWave

Partners in BigWave Within the industries served by BigWave, partner companies are a big part of everyday operations. Without chains of established partner networks, it would be impossible to provide the level of service needed by their (typically) retail clients. Consider a growing but regional IT services firm on the

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