Benefits of BigWave!

Streamlined Processes

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Web-based software to leverage a single platform for your entire organization

Work closely with customers, partners, and technicians on a common platform

Track multiple steps and people for each site visit

Upload any document format and manage deliverables

Be alerted as events happen throughout the day

Wow sales prospects in demos of your delivery capability

Leverage an API for integrations

Several years ago we were looking for a platform to manage our ongoing work across our company's national spread. We looked at many solutions but found that they would all require us to adjust our business models slightly to fit into their structure. When we found Bigwave, we recognized an inherent flexibility that would accommodate not only our national business practices but also the nuances found in each of our various regions and our varied customer base. The flexibility of the system allows us to make adjustments within the system based on project and customer specifics without making time consuming program changes or leaving the platform to work within a parallel spreadsheet/ system.

brian van herk, canem systems

Customer Access

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Customers login to a branded website to access deliverables for their own site visits

Eliminate status meetings and reports by working with your customers directly

Customers download documents/asset details from previous site visits

BigWave has been a primary tool that our Project Managers, Solution Engineers and Customers use on a daily basis. From scheduling techs, uploading deliverables, documenting comments and tracking issues, it is one tool we cannot go without. My experience working with BigWave has always been appreciated.

cristin belsito, deploynet

Technician Access

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Technicians work closely with your team using a common platform and a simplified interface

Technicians upload site documentation

Technicians enter time cards to record time on-site

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I have been using BigWave for just over a year now in my position as a Deployment Project Manager. Honestly, of the various programs we use, BigWave stands alone when it comes to consistently working correctly. It has never been "down", it has been easy for me to use from day one, and more importantly it is easy to show new people how to use. It has never taken me longer than 20 minutes a week to set up the work orders I have to get out to my technicians. One of the greatest things I can say about BigWave is that I have never been using it and had to say "Uh Oh, I have never seen that happen before". It just works.

Joseph Archual, pomeroy

Partner Access

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Partners work closely with your team using a common platform and focused views of their work

Partners manage, schedule and assign their technicians 

This is a great tool for tracking all my project data, scheduling, assignments, custom fields for site specific information. So many features and functionality to keep all your information in one place. Love the alerts, status, import/export features, etc. Very ease to use for ourselves, customer and partners!

tony butler, pomeroy

Improved Cash Flow

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Invoice same day for work completed

Technician time card entries automatically flow into invoiceable line items

Calculate profitability per site visit with automated labor/material costs and pricing algorithms

Auto-calculated pricing speeds invoicing and eliminates errors

We have been using BigWave as our comprehensive service delivery platform for two years now and truly can't say enough about it. Centralised web based dispatch prevents double booking because I know that my techs and dispatch staff are working off of the same real-time schedule. I can track the status of any work order with ease, searching by customer, site, technician, accounting info, etc.. The asset management provides versatile functionality for my larger customers. My tech's shine when they attend site with the right parts in hand every time, as they can dig into the all the necessary maintenance information for the equipment they are working on. Flow-through from the work order to the invoicing allows us to invoice virtually on the spot. Transparent billing practice leads to satisfied, repeat customers. Big wave itself has proven to be everything we could hope for in a service delivery platform, but it's the service on the back end that has set them apart. They genuinely care about our business, how our office runs, providing insight and solutions that exceed our expectations. I would recommend them in a heart-beat. Thank you for helping us deliver top-shelf service Bigwave!

travis white, canem systems

Asset Tracking

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Track field assets through an integrated platform

Define attributes for different asset types with custom fields

Assign assets to people and/or track status

With BigWave, we managed the Major Deployment of several Major computer systems roll outs across the country with this platform managing hundreds of installers and dozens of project managers all being completed on time and at budget.


Custom Fields

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Easily create and leverage fields specific to your business

Easily create and leverage fields specific to each customer engagement

Import/export custom field data

Include custom fields in reports

BigWave has been a tool we have used for years now. They have features that effectively manage our deployment installers and our deployment projects. It manages multiple projects simultaneously allowing our project managers to be more effective. Big Wave helps us get the job done right and the first time. The Support staff is excellent to work with always willing to go the extra mile to fix any issues that may arise. BigWave is one of the best vendors I have had the pleasure of working with.

scott Heinecke, tolt solutions