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BigWave’s portal provides information at the fingertips of your operations, external partners, and customers of daily activity and deliverables.

Streamlines Processes

Web-based software provides a single platform for your entire organization. Work closely with customers, partners, and technicians on a common platform. Track multiple steps and people for each site visit.

Customer Access

Eliminate status meetings and reports by working with your customers directly. Allow customers to login to a branded website to access all deliverables and documents/assets.

Technician Access

Technicians work closely with your team using a common platform and a simplified interface. Technicians upload site documentation and enter time cards to record time on-site.

Partner Access

Partners work closely with your team using a common platform and focused views of their work. Partners manage, schedule and assign their technicians.

Improved Cash Flow

Invoice same day for work completed. Technician time card entries automatically flow into invoiceable line items and calculate profitability per site visit with automated labor/material costs and pricing algorithms.

Asset Tracking

Track field assets through an integrated platform, define attributes for different asset types with custom fields, and assign assets to people and/or track status.

Custom Fields

Easily create and leverage fields specific to your business and to each customer engagement. Import/export custom field data.

Need More Features?

At BigWave we’re engaged with our clients and are constantly adding new features. Would you like to add a new feature? Request one and we will get it implemented!

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How our partners have decreased the time they spent on managing projects, have improved cash flow or profit and why one of them wants to keep our software a secret from other companies!

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For any organization managing physical assets in the field by sending a technician on-site for installation and maintenance services (POS, security, networks, electrical, digital displays, kiosks).

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