Asset Setup and Management

The BigWave Asset Management add-on allows the creation of Asset Types. Asset Types are created from your homepage within BigWave (internal users only).

To Create an Asset Type

  1. Click the Asset Types option
  2. Click the Add button
  3. On the ensuing dialog enter an asset name and click Ok
  4. Below we can see two asset types have been created. These are Distribution Transformer and Pin Pad.
  5. A count of the number of assets for each type is displayed.

Click the Pin Pad asset type above to open its configuration page.

  1. The Details section enables you to change the name of the asset type
  2. The Assets section shows all assets created for this asset type
  3. The Custom Fields section enables definition of field specific to the asset type
  4. The Import/Export Center enables bulk upload of asset information including custom fields
  5. The Audit Trail captures any changes done for the asset type

Above we can see there are 5 pin pad assets defined.

Click a row to open the asset page.

  1. Change standard fields for the asset under the Details section
  2. Click the edit button to change standard asset fields
  3. Documents may be uploaded for the asset. For example you could upload pictures of the asset.
  4. Enter custom field values for the asset.
  5. The Audit Trail captures all changes done against an asset.