Streamline Your Invoicing with BigWave

Invoicing is a crucial aspect of any business, and delays in sending out invoices can lead to cash flow issues. With BigWave, you can say goodbye to manual invoicing processes and embrace a streamlined and efficient invoicing system. Let’s explore the invoicing features that make BigWave the perfect solution for your business. BigWave’s invoicing features […]

Auto-Scheduling and Maintenance

BigWave has the ability to auto-schedule maintenance for each asset under management. Auto-scheduling is set up from a project and the schedule will generate work orders inside that project. The auto-scheduling logic relies on a manually input date for the first scheduled maintenance, and thereafter BigWave will use that date to determine future maintenance dates […]

Asset Setup and Management

The BigWave Asset Management add-on allows the creation of Asset Types. Asset Types are created from your homepage within BigWave (internal users only). To Create an Asset Type… Click the Pin Pad asset type above to open its configuration page. Above we can see there are 5 pin pad assets defined. Click a row to open […]

Asset Management

BigWave Asset Management can be leveraged to track assets in warehouses, other company locations, and customer locations. Features Overview Any type of asset may be defined and stored in BigWave. An Asset Type enables the definition of a class of assets you want to store. For example, we might have a customer with 1,000 Pin […]

Bigwave User Manual

Welcome to the world of BigWave! BigWave software enables your organization to manage your entire operations group from a single platform with no customization or consulting required. Any user can easily set up BigWave to effectively deliver service work for their commercial accounts. This user manual is a perpetual work in progress, and while you […]

Document Templates

Using Document Templates, you can create documents with custom formatting and layout straight from BigWave. If you are familiar with creating a mail merge in Microsoft Word, then the process is very similar with BigWave documents. Using Word, you create a document template in the format you desire, identify replaceable text, and then substitute field […]

Support For Running PO Numbers

In BigWave you have always been able to capture a PO issued by your customer in a work order. Today we released a small change that now facilitates the use of a “Running PO”. Enter this PO at the work order template level. Then, when you create work orders from this template, the PO will […]

Replaceable Fields

For items such as email subject lines and deliverable naming conventions, you can use Replaceable Fields to have BigWave compose these using live data. Available replaceable fields can be located using the same process used for finding fields for use in document template MergeFields. Found under Actions/Setup/Document Templates, click the Download Merge Fields button. The following dialog is shown. You […]

How to Create and Manage MergeFields in Microsoft Word

In BigWave, Document Templates are the mechanism used to generate or email custom documents straight from BigWave. Document Templates are created in Microsoft Word by your team, uploaded into BigWave, and then leveraged by BigWave to generate PDF files that can be printed or emailed. MergeFields, a feature of Word, are used to identify replaceable […]

Navigation Tips and Tricks

Navigating BigWave’s user interface is quick and intuitive.  However, there are a few nuances to the navigation that you might find helpful. Don’t forget about Quick Search At the top of every page is the quick search navigation.  Use this to quickly jump to anywhere in the system you want to go.  Quick search options […]