Auto-Scheduling and Maintenance

BigWave has the ability to auto-schedule maintenance for each asset under management. Auto-scheduling is set up from a project and the schedule will generate work orders inside that project. The auto-scheduling logic relies on a manually input date for the first scheduled maintenance, and thereafter BigWave will use that date to determine future maintenance dates for the same asset.

Typically you will want to save on travel costs by scheduling maintenance for all or similar assets with a single site visit. BigWave’s asset maintenance auto-scheduling algorithm embraces this concept by scheduling assets, located at the same site, on the same date.

Work orders are the vehicle used by BigWave to define what work needs to be done at a location. Also, work orders act as containers to group assets similarly affected by a site maintenance visit into a unified view.

There are two types of scheduling logic that can be leveraged for auto-scheduling. Again, the auto-scheduler relies on the manual entry of the first scheduled maintenance date. From that entered date, BigWave can determine future dates. The first scheduling logic method is called “Fixed Date”. The second scheduling logic method is called “Finished Date”.

Fixed Date

Fixed Date scheduling schedules the next maintenance visit a set amount of days from the last maintenance visit.


Fixed Date TypeDaysLast Scheduled Maintenance DateNext Scheduled Maintenance DateNotes
Yearlyn/a1/1/20221/1/2023Same day next year
Yearlyn/a11/16/202211/16/2023Same day next year
Monthlyn/a1/1/20222/1/2022Same day next month
Monthlyn/a2/28/20222/28/2022Same day next month
Monthlyn/a1/31/20222/28/2022Last day of the month
Daysn/a1/1/20223/4/202260 days later

Finished Date

Finished Date schedules the next maintenance visit a set amount of days from when the last maintenance work order is closed. The schedule for the next round of assets is set at the exact moment the work order closes. If a work order is reopened, and then closed, the schedule is recalculated again.


Fixed Date TypeDaysDate Work Order ClosedNext Scheduled Maintenance DateNotes
Yearlyn/a1/5/20221/5/2023Same day next year
Yearlyn/a11/5/202211/5/2023Same day next year
Monthlyn/a12/20/202212/20/2022Same day next month
Monthlyn/a2/28/20223/28/2022Same day next month
Monthlyn/a1/31/20222/28/2022Last day of the month
Daysn/a1/3/20223/4/202260 days later

Days Prior

BigWave uses the Days Prior to determine when new work orders should be generated. If the Next Schedule Maintenance Date for a group of assets at a site is 1/31/2015, and Days Prior is set for 15, then a new maintenance work order will generate on 1/16/2015.

End Date

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