Basic Tutorial: Taco Bell Setup

This tutorial describes the basic setup for any new customer and/or project you might track through BigWave. Each of the following steps provides a deeper understanding of how to use BigWave for your own needs.

Basic Scenario

You operate a help desk for your customer Taco Bell. When a Taco Bell location’s wireless network goes down, your service team is called in to get it fixed. You need to track all this service work through BigWave and thusly need a little setup to make this happen.

This tutorial assumes you don’t have the list of Taco Bell sites beforehand, and therefore don’t need to import those. Rather we will create them on the fly as requests come in from various Taco Bell locations. A more likely scenario is you would have a list of their sites in a spreadsheet, but to keep the tutorial simple and focused on key concepts, we will not import those sites at this time. Another topic covers the concepts of import/export however.

Work orders require several things be in place before they can be created. In order of creation these are…

  1. A Customer
  2. A Project Associated to The Customer

The above steps are completed in a matter of a couple of minutes, and, once completed, enable you to create ongoing work orders for that customer.  Once your project is completed (step 2), you can then modify the project to your liking and delivery needs.  However, just to learn the basics, all extra setup is optional at this point.  But just know down the road, that is something you will want to do for sure.

At the most basic level the above steps are all that is needed to create work orders and track your customer delivery. More sophisticated things may be done along the way, but again at the most basic level, this is what is required.