Bigwave User Manual

Welcome to the world of BigWave!

BigWave software enables your organization to manage your entire operations group from a single platform with no customization or consulting required. Any user can easily set up BigWave to effectively deliver service work for their commercial accounts.

This user manual is a perpetual work in progress, and while you are reading this if there is something you feel is missing, we appreciate you letting us know. We will add the documentation to this user manual promptly.

This user manual is organized into four different sections.

Getting StartedUse this section to get a basic overview of the user interface and how to use important controls such as grids and date/time controls.
Bigwave 101This section gives a broad overview of different areas of BigWave and is a great place to start.  Concepts such as customers, projects, and work orders are introduced, and by the end you will have created a work order.
FeaturesThe features section presents a deep dive into each feature, the business problem it addresses, and how it is used. Often times a feature will span multiple areas in the system as the feature requires BigWave topics for set up and then BigWave topics for usage.
Topics By Site NavigationThis section is arranged according to the navigation in BigWave. Therefore it is easy to quickly find a particular screen you have a question about by navigating through this section. You will only find general information specific to each topic of BigWave here, and links are offered that jump you into a more comprehensive overview of the feature the topic participates in (found in the Features section).For example a project setup topic will be found here, but how it affects the overall operation of the system will be found in the Features section.