Interact with your Partners in BigWave

Partners in BigWave

Within the industries served by BigWave, partner companies are a big part of everyday operations. Without chains of established partner networks, it would be impossible to provide the level of service needed by their (typically) retail clients.

Consider a growing but regional IT services firm on the US West Coast. They have an army of technicians at their disposal to handle the needs of their clients on the west coast. However, in the Southwest, Midwest, Southeast, and Northeast areas of the country, they might find it hard to compete for business that spans all these regions.

Consider Target stores. They have locations all over the country, and for different types of IT services they require (POS repair, security systems maintenance, etc.), they would prefer to work with a single vendor to handle all these needs. For our example regional IT services firm on the West Coast, establishing partner relationships that can handle the load for all regions outside of their own might be a way for them to win that business. Or they might be the partner company used by another that has coverage everywhere besides the west coast.

So, partner networks are typical and commonly used to solve these regional logistical problems.

The BigWave story is one of collaboration. Collaboration between your internal users, your customers, your partners, and your technicians. Partners can login to BigWave and work directly with your project teams on the same system using the same data as your internal team. Partners can be generally assigned to work orders, and once they have a technician assigned, can update your BigWave system directly with the technician information. This way everyone is on the same page all the time for delivering these types of services that require on site technician response.

Do you use partner networks to deliver services for your regionally distributed clients? Check out BigWave to see how it enables your internal teams to work directly, on the same system, as your partners!