Designating a project manager

Projects in BigWave now have a designated project manager.  Previously, project roles (to which project team members are assigned) could be designated as “Project Admin”.  And anyone assigned to a project role designated as “Project Admin” were, by proxy, project admins or project managers.

Now, starting with version 6.5.85, the “Project Admin” setting for a role is now removed, and instead, you explicitly designate an individual project team member as “Project Manager”. 

Project Managers are subject to the following rules…

  • Only one team member can be PM. 
  • BigWave won’t allow the setting of a PM without an email address. 
  • The PM can only be set/changed by a BigWave admin user.

Being designated a project manager does certain things in the system including…

  • If the “from” setting for invoice emails hasn’t been set, then invoice emails come from the project manager email address by default.
  • For alert emails, the project contact information is that of the project manager.

You can see the PM for a project in two places.  First in the Details/Information section…

And also in the Setup/Project Team section…

Also, you will find a “Project Manager” field that can be added to views as shown below.  Below you can see the PM’s listed in the project view.  This field also is available for work order views.

Finally, work order search now searches the PM field, so you can return all work orders belonging to a certain PM.

As always, we appreciate any feedback/suggestions you have around this feature or any other!