What are projects in BigWave?

To better understand Projects in BigWave, and why these even exist, it’s important to understand the limitations found with most field service management software (FSM) or ticketing systems. BigWave was created to address these limitations.

In general, most FSM offerings are “one size fits all”. There is no ability to adjust a work order or ticket to the needs of an individual account. This is fine for most business to consumer types of services (e.g., lawn mowing, plumbing). However, for companies that provide services to business that have many locations (think retail, but not necessarily limited to retail), typical FSM systems fall short of the need.

Projects, simply put, in BigWave enable a team assigned to a customer account to adjust work orders to fit the process they use to deliver service to that customer. This is all without any programming required. This includes, but not limited to, customized schedules, alerts, deliverable types, and custom fields.

At the highest level, Projects are containers for Work Orders. You might be familiar, but a Work Order holds all the information for a site visit. This includes details about what needs to be done during the visit including scheduling and assignments. In addition, comments, documents, and deliverables relevant to the site visit are also captured in the work order. By adjusting the settings of a project, BigWave enables delivery teams to tailor the contained work orders to their specific needs.

Does your team service multiple national accounts?  Are you stuck using spreadsheets to manage all of this?  We invite you to check out BigWave.  You will find it easy to use and refreshing how customizable work orders are through the project concept.