Home Page Overview and My Profile

Here is a quick rundown of the home page… If your home page appears different than the above picture, then either you are logging in as a customer or technician, or your access into the system has been limited by your security role. Contact your company’s BigWave administrator if you feel you need more access […]

Grids and Views

BigWave makes extensive use of grids to display information. Many grids offer the ability to change what is displayed as well as export the data displayed. Let’s take a look at the Technician’s grid which displays the database of technicians loaded into BigWave. Click Home Click the Technicians topic Drop down showing the current grid […]

Bigwave 101

BigWave, at its core, is a work order management system and tracking a technician visit through BigWave happens in a Work Order. Work orders hold any/all information that pertain to that site visit and anything that happens before and after the site visit. Some of the things a work order tracks… If you need to […]

Basic Tutorial: Taco Bell Setup

This tutorial describes the basic setup for any new customer and/or project you might track through BigWave. Each of the following steps provides a deeper understanding of how to use BigWave for your own needs. Basic Scenario You operate a help desk for your customer Taco Bell. When a Taco Bell location’s wireless network goes […]

Login Page

To access BigWave, login with the username/password supplied to your by your company admin.  If two factor auth is turned on for your site, then you will need to enter the code sent to your phone/email in the next screen. Your company logo appears here. Click login after entering your username and password. Click to […]